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"Too Expensive"

To avoid the "too expensive" mistake, Follow this simple guide.

• Combine Item + Book
• Then a Book + Book
• and Book + Book again, until you are out of books to combine.
(You may be left with a book with only 1 enchant)

Once you have your Enchanted Item and your books with 2 Enchantments max

• Combine your Item + Books until you have no books left to put onto the item


tldr: Never Combine more then 2 enchantments on a book or item before you start combining, and always start with a fresh tool/armor/item

Most Expensive Method

This is the most expensive method to enchant your items and the Level Costs

• Names are Shortest to Longest
• Cost 467 Levels in total
• Requires 3 Anvils

Cheapest Method

This is the Cheapest Method to Enchant all your Items and the Level Costs

• Names are in No Order
• Cost 386 Levels in total
• Required 2 Anvils

This is the way to go. If you do not have a lot of XP Farms, or do not care about order. This is the method to choose!