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Auto Music Disc Farm in the Minecraft πŸ‘ Yes

Auto Music Disc Farm in the Minecraft πŸ‘ Yes

Minecraft Auto Music Disc Farm. Full Auto, Just feed it Creepers!! Chests full of the Minecraft Music Disc

On this episode of tutorial Tuesdays on a Wednesday Night @ 8:30pm we build ourselves a full auto Music Disc Farm based off the Mechanics I used for MY Full Auto charged creeper Farm! MY Full Auto Charged creeper farm, Ya dorks. Not someone elses who came up with an awkward way to stand around and manually farm them with awkward redstone you wont ever understand... MY fully automatic charged creeper farm!!! lol Im talking to you fanboys!! :P Your boring! Now hand the phone back to your mother before I tattle tale on you for not using the Youtube Kids app!!

⚑ Doer Squad
πŸ’₯ Discord Server ITS BACK!!!Β 

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